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'''''Head Games''''' is the third studio album by United Kingdom|British-United States|American rock band Foreigner (band)|Foreigner, released in 1979. It charted at #5 on the Billboard 200|''Billboard'' 200 chart, and has sold over five million copies in the US alone. The album’s infamous cover depicts a seemingly upset young woman (portrayed by actress Lisanne Falk) in a men's restroom. The Head Games (song)|title track and "Dirty White Boy (song)|Dirty White Boy" were the album's big hits, peaking at #14 and #12, respectively. This was the album in which Rick Wills replaced Ed Gagliardi as bassist. It was the band's only album produced by Roy Thomas Baker, best known for producing Queen (band)|Queen's classic albums. This would be the last album with Ian McDonald, who would leave the band after the recording.
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